College Days Approach

Stef has decided to attend Hofstra University on Long Island when she begins college in the fall. Helaine and I are very excited. I suspect Stef is apprehensive… though she hasn’t said as much. This is so new and different, like nothing she’s ever experienced.

There are so many things to do. So much to plan for. Already we’ve been seeing an increase in the mail we’re getting from Hofstra. Yesterday there was a letter about on campus computing. This follows questionnaires on housing and some financial forms.

This weekend we’re heading out to Hofstra for an orientation session.

It’s funny how something that was a concept has become reality. This reminds me of what Helaine and I went through when Helaine was pregnant with Steffie. A friend, a producer at the TV station, and I made up names for this expected child: Geoffina, Geoffette, Geoff Jr. and Vendetta.

We all thought it was very funny, until Helaine had her first sonogram and we heard the baby’s heartbeat. All of a sudden this was a real child and those names were gone immediately. The screwing around stopped.

It’s the same thing with college. Reality is setting in.

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