Top-25 spammiest words

A large percentage of my incoming email is spam. Yours too probably. There’s not much we can do.

I filter as best I can. I used to use Popfile until I started using Thunderbird as my email client. Popfile was great. Thunderbird’s spam sensing is OK – not great.

When you see your incoming spam you probably notice the purposeful misspellings. Often “O”s are replaced with “0”s or “E”s with “3”s. Spammers aren’t stupid… well, OK, maybe they’re stupid, but they want their stuff to get through.

A company called Sophos, in the business of stopping spam, has figured out that…

more than 5,600,000,000 different ways in which the word “Viagra” can be obfuscated in a spam email.

And they’ve also decided to compile the juiciest misspellings… these spammy obfuscations and put out a top-25 list!

I’ll quote a few and you can check with them for the rest.

  1. cialis
  2. orgasms
  3. viagra
  4. shipping
  5. milf
  6. valium

For me, none of these are my most spammed words, though I see them all! Somehow, I’ve gotten on some strange lists and get dozens of spam emails every week in Russian!

Say nyet to spam.

One thought on “Top-25 spammiest words”

  1. Uh, Geoff. If you are aware of what #5 stands for, I’m impressed. It was popularized by American Pie movie series.

    If you are not aware, you may wish to gently edit that list.

    Your call, it doesn’t bother me! I’m a progressive guy.

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