Photo Competition Underway

I entered one of the shots I took last Saturday in the DPChallenge photo contest. So far my score is a 6.2 out of 10. I know that sounds awful, but these people are very tight when it comes to grading. Last week this score would have placed me 25th of 265.

It’s depressing to see all the abandoned buildings. I suppose every community, everywhere around the world has its share of abandoned buildings. Many, in this contest, are farmhouses looking out over huge expanses of land. That’s depressing, because you know these houses have to have some sort of history to them.

Lots of the shots are similar… just snapshots of buildings, as opposed to something more artistic. Not that I can talk.

I will spend the next week clicking on the DPChallenge site, seeing how my score moves up and down as more people rate the 500 entries received.

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