What Hath Comcast Wrought?

As of last night my Internet connection had slowed to a crawl. Nothing has changed.

Comcast has a DNS problem. That’s their computer which gives my computer directions on where to go when I type in www.geofffox.com or any other website.

There is a fix and I know it, but my particular router doesn’t support it! It must be the only one. So, I sit and wait.

Some websites, like the one I use at Mississippi State, have many separate files for each webpage. Trying to get through to them is worse than brutal.

We have quickly grown dependent on speedy web connections. It’s an inconvenience now. We will only grown more dependent with time.

2 thoughts on “What Hath Comcast Wrought?”

  1. I’m thinking it might not just be the DNS servers having issues. I was having trouble all day yesterday, and I run my own DNS, so I never hit comcasts DNS servers. Typical of comcast to blame a slew of problems on one that it can get away with.

  2. You very well may be right. I tried readjusting my DNS servers but to no avail. I thought it might have to do with my router, which ONLY accepts automatic DNS referral. But I had changed the DNS settings in my tcp/ip stack in my pc.

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