There’s Some Software I Need

Now that Steffie’s Ipod has disappeared, I’m starting to think more about security for those items she brings to school in the fall. We joked about it when the mother of a classmate bought Steffie a ‘lockbox’ for her dorm room. The joke’s on us!

The first thing to get is a lock for the laptop. My friend Peter, my expert in laptops, says it should have a combination lock, not a key. I understand. I’m just not entirely sure what’s bolted down in a dormitory room that we can attach the chain to?

There is some software I’d like to find – or maybe I can figure out how to write it myself. What I’d like is for Steffie’s computer to ‘phone home’ every time it boots.

For instance, I could have it ask for a small file on my website. My website log would then contain the IP address the laptop was using. If it’s a college IP, no problem. But, if someone walked off with the computer, the IP address would allow the police to know exactly where the machine went.

Getting the computer to do this when it’s booting up without revealing the process is the problem. Suggestions are welcome.

I never thought this kind of security would be so important. It is. There will be lots more to ponder before the summer is over.

2 thoughts on “There’s Some Software I Need”

  1. Geoff,

    This software you speak of is commercially sold already, and can be used in unison with most GSM phones that are HTML compatible. You can link your phone to your laptop as well as trace its location. Also, if you need any security tips for her dorm room, feel free to email me anytime.

    Good Luck,


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