The Last Lecture

This afternoon I watched the last lecture in one of the two classes I’m taking at Mississippi State. That’s it. All done.

I have a few quizzes and tests to take with my two finals coming up next week. Then it’s off to Birmingham, AL for a few days of seminars and a chance to finally meet my fellow students and instructors (it will be depressing to see I’m older than all of them… even the instructors).

The good news is, one of the courses I’m taking this semester is my favorite over these nine semesters. It’s class in oceanography, a subject I knew little about.

I probably won’t get to put a lot of what I learned to practice, but there were some very interesting concepts that never dawned on me before.

The truth is, learning in the abstract… learning with no payoff but knowing more, can be very satisfying. Unfortunately, it’s also time consuming.

You take the good with the bad.

One thought on “The Last Lecture”

  1. Geoff:

    I am proud of you. As you know I was also a non-traditional student and it is not easy to go to school, study,have a carreer, and a family. You have done it all sucessfully, way to go.


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