Where Am I Going?

My birthday is Tuesday&#185. I’m sure my age has been revealed here before. Without getting into the depressing specifics, I’ll be old enough to move into my parent’s condo complex in Florida – full time – no questions asked!

I remember some earlier birthdays. I spent my 18th (then the legal drinking age) at the radio station at the college Stef will be attending! Not being a licensed driver, I tried to get a drink (I was and still am a non-drinker, but this was a principle thing) by presenting my Eastern Airlines Student Discount ID.

I went unserved.

For this birthday, Helaine and Steffie are taking me somewhere. I don’t know where. It has become a guessing game on my part.

Every time I take a stab at it, Steffie says we’re going to Atlantis, the Bahamian casino resort. She’s kidding, which turns out to be a good thing. Tropical Storm Franklin formed near there this evening.

My strongest guess has been Niagara Falls. I’ve always wanted to take Steffie there – and there’s never been a good opportunity.

Helaine says it isn’t Niagara. Too far by car. Ridiculously expensive by air to only go for a few days.

I’m stumped.

Helaine did tell me to bring my camera and to bring both lenses. Hmmm. The second lens is a telephoto, so maybe we’re going somewhere but will be far from it. I wonder if I should throw the tripod in the car?

Helaine and Steffie are both worried I’ll get there and say, “Is this it?” That misses the whole point. I really don’t care where they take me. The big deal is they thought enough of me to make these plans.

Earlier this week there was a chance Steffie wouldn’t be going. That was upsetting to me. Going together is the big deal, especially since this is probably the end of Steffie’s living home full time.

Where we go is so unimportant… though I still wish I knew.

Our destination will probably be revealed in my next posting.

&#185 – When I originally posted this, I had my birthday as Monday. You’d think I’d know, wouldn’t you?

4 thoughts on “Where Am I Going?”

  1. Guesses on your birthday trip:

    Sleeping Giant?

    Danbury Fair Mall? (Don’t know why you’d need a camera for that though.)

    Six Flags at Agawam?

    “The Quiet Corner” of NE Connecticut?

    The WTNH Waterbury Bureau?

    Seriously, congratulations on hitting the “old” speed limit of 55. You certainly don’t look it (though sometimes you can see those specks of gray- don’t kid yourself), you certainly don’t act it (poker, computers- you’d fit in with any college crowd; that is, until you regaled them with how much you love oceanography and the effect of Continental Shelfs on jet stream circulation.)

    Here’s to hoping for health and happiness for you and your family in the years ahead.


  2. Geoff,

    Good luck and congrats. In regards to Niagara, I did the ride last Halloween Weekend, and it was a great ride. NY State Thruway is beautiful in the fall.

    Hope it is all you expect,


  3. The Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort has a poker room now, and there’s plenty to do for a single day visit.

    Let me know if you need any tips of which tourist traps to avoid.


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