Birthday – So Far, So Good

There were a few cards to open today. A few friends sent cards as did Helaine and Steffie (handmade and very funny). I even got some cards at work from viewers. That was very nice, that they would care enough to do that.

Helaine went out early this afternoon and when she came back she had this cake! Our friend Cindy, at Cakeworks here in Hamden, made it. I wish I could have been there when Helaine attempted to explain why the cake should have Greg on it!

My folks called from Florida, where word is getting out I’m old enough to move in.

In a few minutes I’ll be on my way to work, because once you’ve done something 55 times, it doesn’t have quite the same luster.

4 thoughts on “Birthday – So Far, So Good”

  1. oohhhh…Cakeworks…want to move back to CT now… we tried cake samples there for our friend’s party…

    I may just buy a cake for myself and put it in my freezer and just eat it nightly until they have to remove me from my apartment with a crane.

    Again, Happy Birthday, Mr. Fox. I predict mostly sunny weather for you ahead, with an occasional occluded front, just to make life difficult to anticipate!

  2. Fifty-five isn’t so bad…wait’ll you hit 60. I did this year and it was an eye-opener.

    Hope you have a Happy Birthday with many more to come. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

  3. Hey Geoff (aka Greg),

    Hey 55 times isn’t so bad. Just wait until you can do it all over again next year.

    Happy birthday.

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