Flight Times Are Flighty

Next week at this time I’ll be flying down to Birmingham, Alabama. I know – Birmingham in August! What could be finer?

I found a very good fare back in February and made my reservations then. Flying from here in New Haven is a bonus. It is the world’s simplest airport. Easy in. Easy out. Easy parking.

Delta’s website had my flights, no problem. But looking closer, I found they have an interesting feature. As flights change, or are rescheduled, the prior itinerary stays. That allowed me to see how Delta shifts its schedules… or more to the point how often!

My New Haven – Cincinnati leg is now on its third different schedule. The Cincinnati – Birmingham trip is on its fourth!

Sometimes the departure time moved a minute, sometimes as much as ten minutes. Once the departure time shifted by a minute with the arrival time moving up by almost 15. They must have found a shortcut.

I have no idea why these little nuances are being made. They won’t change my trip in any appreciable way. They certainly do force me to use a lot more paper for printing these!

One thought on “Flight Times Are Flighty”

  1. Don’t forget to get some real Birmingham BBQ. Ask some locals for some suggestions. If it has outdoor picnic tables, it’s probably a good place.

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