A Quick Look At My Web Logs

When I look at my web logs, I can see how people get here. A large percent come in through a Google search. Here are the top ten search queries that led to this site over the past day and a half:

rebuild new orleans 80 11.9 %

cnn 10 1.4 %

computer receipt 8 1.1 %

how to rebuild new orleans 8 1.1 %

katrina radar 8 1.1 %

rebuild new orleans? 6 0.8 %

why rebuild new orleans 6 0.8 %

geoff fox 5 0.7 %

should we rebuild new orleans 5 0.7 %

will new orleans rebuild 4 0.5 %

I guess a lot of people want to know about rebuilding New Orleans – myself included.

One thought on “A Quick Look At My Web Logs”

  1. Hi Geoff: boy do I ever share your frustration! and we are not the poor people having to live (barely) through this.

    I couldn’t watch anymore without doing something so I contacted, then stopped in personally to the Red Cross office in Middletown to volunteer to go there to help. Fortunately I am a partner in my company and just needed the blessing of my partners. Seems I am not alone. Training (2 days) is full for next week, they may have another session the 15’th. The woman at the desk asked if I really understood what I would be going to? I just can’t stand by and do nothing but write a check. I wish the heck some bureaucrats would feel the way I do. What the heck was the hold up?!?!?!

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