Taking Steffie To School

There will probably be no other entry in the blog today, or if there is it will be very late. We’re taking Steffie to college. The car is loaded.

Because her school is on a road that leads to a major beach, we’re leaving early, hoping to avoid a traffic backup. Considering the forecast, and that this is the last of the summer weekends, leaving early might not be enough.

I’ve had the TV on this early morning. I’m glad to see supplies and personnel finally getting to the Gulf Coast states. That doesn’t take anyone off the hook. What went on the past four days was reprehensible.

Earlier, I wrote this debacle was brought on by ineptitude at a number of governmental levels. I still feel that way. A chorus has also risen, saying this was racially motivated.

The realt cause of this failure must be found without any hiding from the truth. People died unnecessarily when the government they depended on didn’t come to their aid. This is not a political issue anymore (if it ever was).

If there was criminal negligence, those people responsible need to be punished.

One more thing. Yesterday I said something nice about Anderson Cooper. Today I’ll throw in Shepard Smith.

Those who know me know, I’ve been very critical in my opinion of Smith in the past. Arrogant was probably my weakest characterization.

For the past few days he has been a compassionate advocate for those in need. I suppose there’s a journalistic line across which advocacy lies, and so it is conventionally forbidden. These are extraordinary circumstances.

Will this new “Shep” continue after the crisis subsides? Who knows? I’m hopeful.

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