More Cable Modem Woes

For the longest time it’s been tough going with my high speed Internet service. Who knows why, but without warning, usually in the middle of the night, poof – no service.

I figure I’ve called Comcast 8-10 times about this problem. In the beginning, when the cable service would mysteriously reappear, I would cancel the service call.

The past two times I let the techs come. They’ve found some loose connectors and things like that. When they were done tightening and tweaking, they told me everything would be all right, and left. But, of course, it wasn’t all right.

I tried to figure out the problem myself. My cable modem, an older Best Data model, doesn’t have a diagnostic screen. I looked for some info about it online and found it only supports an older cable modem protocol (DOCSIS 1). Maybe that’s the problem?

Yesterday, I went to Comcast to lease a new modem. I figured $3 more per month would be worth it for the peace of mind.

No sooner had I installed it than it failed! This morning, with stormy weather surrounding us, my cable Internet service went kerflooey. As of this hour, it’s still out.

My guess is there’s something outside, between the pole and the house, that is affected by weather. Most of the outages come on cold nights. Today’s outage came while the cables were undoubtedly swinging.

Whatever it is, I need the cable guy. I called Comcast and made arrangements for a visit on Monday (I’m going to Nashville tomorrow). If I ever get service back, I’ll report on how it went.

2 thoughts on “More Cable Modem Woes”

  1. This sounds exactly like my DSL service was with SNET until about a year ago, when they took out all the stops to fix it. (wish I got them to do that 2 years before :-c )

  2. i went through the same thing with time warner/roadrunner. many, many service calls and each time they were fixated on the problem being between my cable modem and the tap on the pole. it didn’t help that being an intermittent problem it was usually working fine whenever the techs got here. finally one day a tech climbed the pole and noticed the problem was coming down the main line. they called in the line techs who found a bad segment of the main line a few houses down the street from me. they fixed it and all is ok now. you really have to be persistent and call every time it goes out.

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