Movie Making – Deux

I am on the mailing list for a few of the ‘instant movie’ competitions. I just got an invitation&#185 for a two week competition in November. That really changes the whole thing.

When we made our little movie, External Monologue, we crammed everything into a Saturday afternoon. This will be different. We’ll have Roger Korman time! Two weeks would allow for writing, pre-production and a few days to shoot. We’ll even be able to edit without a crunch.

Am I living on some fantasy planet? No matter what the job, it will expand to fill all available time.

I’m not sure whether everyone who was in for movie one will be in for movie two. It was a brutal day – and though instantly satisfying, will people want to torture themselves again?

There are a few people who couldn’t make the first one and who have ‘skills’ that might be convinced this time.

OK, I’m psyched. More details as we draw closer.

&#185 – Invitation still means there’s an entry fee.

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