My Friend Vinnie – Published

Helaine and I met at Barnes and Noble in North Haven tonight. Our friend Vinnie Penn has just had one of his short stories published in a compilation called “danger city.&#185”

I missed Vinnie reading from his story. I wish I could have been there sooner. His piece is called “Diary of a Superhero,” and I’ll read it tonight when I get home.

Luckily, I didn’t miss his wife or their daughter. Stella, is three and perfectly equipped to be precocious!

I like Vinnie because I respect him. When we first met, he was a disk jockey, but you could see he had other things on his mind. He’s done stand-up comedy and writing and I won’t be surprised when I see him acting somewhere.

There is something permanent and reassuring about being published in print. This Internet thing could disappear tomorrow. Same with television – what I do tonight is quickly forgotten (except really bad snow forecasts which take on a life of their own). Want a weathercast from July? It’s gone.

Print lasts. I suppose that’s incentive enough to be particular in how and what you write. Print is the most elegant of all media.

&#185 – The title is in lower case letters on the book’s cover.

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