Rain, Go Away… Please

Helaine asked if this is what Seattle is like? I can’t imagine it is. This is too depressing for anyone, especially heavy coffee drinkers.

We are now on day 8 of our rain storm, and it will continue into day 9 before ending.

A few things are mind boggling. First are the numbers. Parts of Western Connecticut have gotten over a foot and a half of rain!

Maybe more boggling is how little trouble this much rain has produced. Sure there has been flooding along the major rivers, but by and large there is less than I would have anticipated if I would have known how much rain was coming.

Are we lucky? Are we really better prepared because of better building techniques? I’ve got to find out.

In the meantime, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is enough.

4 thoughts on “Rain, Go Away… Please”

  1. Makes me not miss western Connecticut. Today in northern New Mexico it was 72 and not a cloud was seen all day long. Think there was one yesterday. Rain here is about an inch a month. Albuquerque in September had more than the previous 4 months combined. Grand total? 2.5″

  2. Geoff,

    I was waiting for you to mention during your weather segment how much snow this could have been had this scenario occurred in January. I think it would have given everyone’s spirit a lift thinking “at least it wasn’t snow” 🙂


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