Dinner With My Wife

Since Steffie has gone to school, and since we’ve added live early evening news briefs, I haven’t gotten home much for dinner. I suspect… no, I know, Helaine relishes this time to herself.

Sometimes I’ll call and ask if she wants to join me for dinner, but she’s already fed at 4:30. We are on different ends of the clock.

Earlier today we made a date and she met me for dinner at the Greek Olive.

It was pouring when she arrived and workers had blocked the station’s driveway as they unloaded new office furniture. She sat in the car until I was done and then we were on our way.

The dinner itself doesn’t have to be special (I broken every diet law I know and had New England clam chowder to boot) as long as the company is.

It was good to see her with both of us wide awake and neither of us rushing off.

Nearly twenty two years of marriage and she’s still great company… there’s still lots to share.

One thought on “Dinner With My Wife”

  1. I look forward to sharing my golden years with my partner for many years in Winthrop….

    It truly is the way life should be 😀

    Happy to see you had an enjoyable evening!!

    Tell your wife that I too cherish my time alone!!

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