Wilma At A Snail’s Pace

I am so glad my parents will be leaving Saturday for Las Vegas, instead of Tuesday. Sure they’ll have a few more days of fun, but they’ll also miss Hurricane Wilma as it moves across Florida.

I have no fear their place will be able to take whatever the diminished Wilma will dish out, but who wants to sit in the dark and wait it out. There hasn’t been a storm yet that didn’t douse their lights, sometimes for days.

The speed at which Hurricane Wilma was moving this evening was nearly criminal – just 2-3 mph. At that rate any given area could spend the better part of a day with hurricane force winds. Can you imagine?

The radar image shows Wilma is not the vigorous system it was when it was totally over water. There seems to be light rain that’s infiltrated the eye. The last reading from the Hurricane Center said 140 mph, but I doubt that right now.

It’s still a monster. It was a MONSTER!

No one who weathered this storm in Cancun or Cozumel will ever forget the terror they’ve experienced. I can say that without fear of contradiction, even though I’ve spoken to no one there. My raw data makes it perfectly clear.

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