First Bundle Up Of The Season

Tonight is the night they turn the lights on for the Fantasy of Lights at New Haven’s Lighthouse Park. It’s a drive-thru display which benefits the Easter Seal Society.

I usually broadcast live from there, and was asked for tonight. In other words, I’ll be at the beach in mid-November.

It’s chilly today. It will be chillier tonight. And tonight will not have the benefit of sunshine, which helps keep you warmer, but is excluded from the reported air temperature.

I’m not going to cry about temperatures near 40&#186 and a wind chill in the 30s&#186, but it’s my first blast of the season. Already, Helaine has taken gloves out for me and put them on the sofa near the door – lest I forget.

We will get much colder before the winter ends (it hasn’t even begun officially), but you always remember your first time.

2 thoughts on “First Bundle Up Of The Season”

  1. Hi Geoff. I have not yet been to the fantasy of lights but it would have been nice to visit there with those unseasonably warm temperatures we had on Tuesday and Wednesday.Despite the cold, I hope to visit there before Christmas. I wanted to ask you if the skymax radar you work with at News Channel 8 is capable of tracking snow as well as it does rain. It would be very cool if you could precisely pinpoint where snow was actually coming down!

  2. Joe,

    I guess the Skymax Doppler Radar would work the same because it shows precipitation falling in the precise area. It would work just as well. Geoff could explain it much better.



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