Cold Weather Refresher Course

As anticipated, I was outside for the Fantasy of Lights. It’s actually very nice, even though I’ve done the same basic live shot for 11 or 12 years.

Students from Nathan Hale School sing Christmas carols (and for some reason The Lion Sleeps Tonight). I introduce some of the people who paid for the displays. We light the lights. This year Santa showed up!

It’s fun.

Weatherwise, it was better this year because we weren’t right next to the beach. Just a few blocks inland, with the wind blocked by the trees, was much more comfortable… sort of.

I bundled up. My coat was winter weight. I wore a new pair of gloves. What I forgot was heavy shoes! That was my undoing.

It’s impossible to realize how cold you can get, through your feet. It doesn’t happen immediately, but I was there close to two hours.

Actually, the coldest I can ever remember being is at a football game at Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia. My feet rested on concrete for four quarters. The cold seemed to radiate from my feet to the rest of my body.

The stranger part is how long your feet remind you of the cold. Here it is four hours later and I still feel it in my feet. I wish I would have worn heavy soles and white socks.

Maybe next year I’ll be wiser. Meanwhile, I’m that much more prepared for winter… and dreading every moment.

5 thoughts on “Cold Weather Refresher Course”

  1. Geoff,

    You shouldn’t dread winter, it’s what makes New England such a great place to live! As I speak, I’m collecting my ski gear for opening day in Vermont tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to many bountiful storms in the coming months…if you have any pull in that department, we’d sure appreciate it if you would kindly send the snow our way!

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