Avoiding The Flu

I predict the future for a living, so I know that’s sometimes an iffy proposition.

I live in a country where people want superlatives: the biggest, the best, the worst, the least. You get the point.

When it comes to predicting the future, most of the outcomes will be in the normal range. How boring. Scientists predict an average crop. Who cares?

Still, every year, someone in a white lab coat get on TV and says how bad the flu season will be and how the new elderly (55+, like me) need flu coddling. I let someone poke me with a needle for my flu shot.

Today was my day.

Will this be a really bad flu season? Who knows? Guys in white lab coats must know, especially if they’re on TV.

With all the talk of Avian Flu, this shot only protects me from ‘regular’ flu.

I can’t remember ever having the flu. I’m sure I’ve had it. There’s no doubt how bad a patient I am: a whining, wimpy, wuss when I’m sick.

I used to be very needle-phobic. Even now I’m not good at it. With age I’ve lost the panic I would feel as I saw the syringe.

At one point I was so scared it looked like Helaine and I wouldn’t be able to get married. I wasn’t able to sit for the blood work that was necessary to get married. I even asked if they could use the blood that flowed every day when I shaved&#185.

But, please, I don’t want you to think I’m brave about it now. I’m not. I’ve just become adept at coping.

First, I tell the ‘shooter’ I’m not here for conversation. Don’t talk to me. Don’t tell me it’s coming. Don’t tell me it will or will not hurt or that I’ll feel a pinch.

Just do it.

I will look away and purse my lips. I will tense up, making the needle have to go through more sinew. I’ll be sore later.

When it’s over, I always breath a huge sigh of relief. It’s never as bad as anticipated. Unfortunately, my mind is willing to forget that before the next time.

&#185 – No you cannot use shaving blood. After someone asked me if I was shaving with a pin, I switched to an electric.

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