New Virus

I am getting pummeled with emails, each with a zipped attachment. It’s another social engineering attack. I’m certain opening the email will infect your computer.

Luckily, I’ve got a Linux machine here which is impervious to this kind of attack. If I get a chance later I’ll take the zip file apart to see what’s inside.

UPDATE: It looks like an older worm, but I’ve already gotten a few dozen instances. And, on top of that, I’ve gotten bounce backs as the worm ‘spoofs’ my address!

I sent a message to Adelphia, since all these emails were originating from one Adelphia customer. It is not easy to find how and where to complain. Maybe they don’t want to make it easy?

4 thoughts on “New Virus”

  1. Hi Geoff:

    I am seeing a marked increase in the number of times employees here complain people can’t get an email through to us. The problem is more and more domains are “white listed” or “black listed”. That is the explanation from RECOL, our ISP. Could you do a article on your blog with an explanation of what this means?

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