Could The Weather Be More Rotten

My wake-up call this morning wasn’t an alarm clock or the ringing of the phone. I was awakened by windblown rain pelting the side of the house. It was as if someone was shooting a nail gun at the outside wall!

The rain has eased up now, but probably not enough to ease Helaine’s mind. She’s on her way to school to pick up Steffie for Thanksgiving weekend, driving through Connecticut and into New York City. This is a route that jams when it’s sunny!

Though Helaine has seen Steffie twice, and I’ve seen her once, this will be her first time back since Labor Day.

I know Stef is looking forward to being here, and we’re definitely looking forward to having her, but she has changed. How could she not?

After 18 years of parental guidance (think – a life in bubble wrap), Steffie has been able to make her own decisions. No curfew. No questions. No parents.

At some point every parent goes through this. I can guarantee, the bubble wrap is not going back on.

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