Stuffed At Oak Lane

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Every year, just before Thanksgiving, Oak Lane Country Club throws a party for kids from New Haven, Bridgeport and The Valley. It’s a lot of fun. The club hires a disk jockey and the members act as waiters. Everyone eats as though food will never be seen again.

The kids have the best time, but everyone there feels good about it.

In the past there have been sports celebs and players. Tonight it was George Foster, former Met, and from my thirty seconds with him – nice guy.

I was there with Keith Kountz, one of our anchors. We went through the crowd, shaking hands and saying hello. I’m not sure how many 8-13 year olds watch the news, but I know they like me when it snows and school is closed.

I started doing this because Alex, manager of the club, had been very nice to me. Tonight I found out Alex wasn’t doing very well. That was not good news. I hope and pray, but I’m worried.

Like I said, I do it every year… and feel good doing it every time.

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  1. Did you know that your aunt Edie was friends with former baseball star George Foster? They knew each other from civic/business activities in Queens. When I told her that he had hit 50 homeruns in a season, she said “Is that a lot?” She also described him as a very nice, civic-minded guy.

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