Poker With The Boys

2 Dec ’05, 9.27pm EST

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I enjoy playing poker. Mostly I play on line. From time-to-time I’ll make it to a casino. I like poker because it’s a real game of strategy, guts, intellect… and a bit of luck.

I first started playing in a regular weekly game way back in Philadelphia. I lost often. That was more than made up for with the friends I made, some of whom are still really good friends today. You don’t get that playing online.

Tonight I invited some guys to the house to play again. It was great. We had a good time, ate all the food Helaine made (and she made way too much), and laughed a lot. The stakes were low enough that no one could get hurt, but there was still an incentive to winning.

Not letting anyone get hurt is very important to me.

This game’s got the makings of a regular game. That would be great.

One thought on “Poker With The Boys”

  1. hey dawg,

    yeah ..a great time indeed and a great group of folks. you didn’t share with your blogosphere that you won both tourneys. i sure hope this will become a regular thing, if only to give us a shot at settling the score. those are my chips you’re stacking.

    thanks geoff.

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