Right Song – Wrong Artist

After everyone left the house I turned the TV on. As it turned out, Jay Leno was on and Smash Mouth was singing.

Let me establish, I’m a fan. I really like Smash Mouth, especially their first hit, All Star.

OK – am I off the hook? Good, because they committed a major sin in my eyes by performing Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).

Every year, on his last show before the Christmas break, David Letterman has Darlene Love on and she sings Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). Hers is the definitive version. No matter how good Smash Mouth is, they’re not Darlene Love.

Why intrude on this Christmas tradition? There are so many other songs they could have used.

I know this seems petty, but if you watch Letterman when Darlene appears in a few weeks, you’ll understand. She’s that good.

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