Old Photos

9 Dec ’05, 7.14pm EST

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It was good to see you last week in spite of the circumstances.

Ray was digging through some old stuff and came across the attached photo. I thought you might get a kick out of seeing it.

Be well and happy holidays.


The photo is Bob Picozzi, Jon Crane and me on an old, pretty awful looking, news set. Jon is now in PR. Bob does basketball and football play-by-play (and does it very well) and news for ESPN Radio’s morning show.

I am still where I was when the photo was taken.

3 thoughts on “Old Photos”

  1. Geoff- I was an intern at WTNH-8 during this era! I logged tapes for Bob a couple nights a week and on the weekend. It is so funny to see this picture- the three of you always cracked me up.

    You are right, Bob does terrific work for ESPN now.

    Man, I feel old!

    Happy Holidays!


  2. That set makes me want to sing “Come closer to the world, my friend…” or whatever that Action News 1970s theme was. Do you have an audio file of that, Geoff??

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