I’d Really Like To Be Right

There’s snow in the forecast. It won’t be the biggest snowfall of the year, but it will be significant. I’ve been sweating it out.

Oh, who am I kidding. I sweat them all out.

I just don’t want to be wrong with snow, because that’s the forecast everyone remembers. Maybe it would be better to say that’s the forecast no one forgets!

Anyway, my forecast for Friday is very complex. Everything depends on enough warm air, but not too much, getting into the southern half of the state. The snow on the shoreline needs to mix with rain or sleet for my prediction to verify.

I’ve spent a good part of the past few hours keeping my eye on the radar (which shows snow that’s not yet falling) and surface maps (which show the real deal, but with lower resolution). It all seems so easy now – everything falling into place.

I’m smart enough to know I’m not smart enough to get it all right. Hopefully I’ll get most of it right.

One thought on “I’d Really Like To Be Right”

  1. Geoff –

    Although it’s nice to see you’re so concerned about your forecasts being accurate, This IS Connecticut, and I think most of us have just gotten used to a certain degree of unpredictable patterns. The fact that You & Dr Mel get it right as often as you do shouldn’t go unrecognized – it’s not only commendable, but also ballsy that you haven’t thrown in the towel and moved to an easier market like Tucson or San Diego.

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