Would Someone Please Tell David E. Kelley I’m A Fan?

I have written about Boston Legal in the past, though only peripherally. I would guess it’s my favorite show on television… and one of the few continuing dramas I watch.

Actually, is it a drama or comedy? I’m not sure. The Golden Globes thinks it’s a comedy. It is on film, which makes it a different animal from sitcoms and other taped shows.

I’ve wanted to tell David E. Kelley, the one-man-band behind it, how much I like it, but he is well hidden on the Internet. Trust me. I pride myself on ferreting out people I’d like to contact. He’s really well hidden.

What makes the show so good is it’s character driven. Some characters came in well established. Others have grown over time. The show is organic in that way.

Good character development allows for sometime outlandish situations. I’m willing to forgive where that’s concerned.

James Spader, the lead of leads, is so quirky good that I wondered why I wasn’t a fan of his earlier. Then, I caught something he’d done before and realized, though very good, he’s better with Kelley’s scripts and sensibilities.

The show is not perfect. I’m a huge Candice Bergen fan, but I find her character wanting. I’ve had more than enough with William Shatner’s spouting, “Denny Crane.”

On the other hand, I couldn’t be more pleased with Renee Auberjonois as a tightly wound, humorless curmudgeon and Henry Gibson’s judge.

A few weeks ago I discovered Marisa Coughlan. This being the Internet age I “Googled” her and found she worked in a movie (arguably the worst move ever filmed) where the producer was best man from my wedding.

He told me “Mareeeesa” was very nice. Good. I don’t want my bubbles burst.

It is one of the few shows that gets DVR’ed and watched every time it’s on.

So, if you know David E. Kelley, would you tell him Geoff in Connecticut thinks he’s an amazingly talented person… and I’m almost ready to forgive him for killing off Jason Kravits in The Practice.

2 thoughts on “Would Someone Please Tell David E. Kelley I’m A Fan?”

  1. I have always been a David E. Kelley fan, but I am an even bigger fan thanks to Boston Legal. The writing is stupendous…and I am always on the edge of my seat saying out loud, “They aren’t really going to do that?!?!” and then they do.

    I don’t know David E. Kelley so I can’t tell him for you, but I just wanted to say I agree.

  2. I’m with you. (I don’t have Kelley’s contact info, though, either.)

    Each show is like a piece of art- the writing is incredible and it is beautifully shot. Even the wardrobes are awesome.

    Geoff, you’ve got to love the occasional references they drop in about Star Trek- Shatner’s double take when Spader yells “Mr Kirk!” at a client; when they talk about parasites that “cling on” salmon, Shatner queries “Did you say Kling-ons?”

    Shows that have that element of not taking themselves too seriously always have something extra special in my book.

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