Stef Is Home

Helaine woke up early and drove to Long Island. Steffie was taking her last final before noon. As soon as that was finished she was coming home.

I have been told Steffie is bringing “Kanye the Fish” and a huge bag of dirty laundry. As I remember (and it’s a distant memory), as the semester ends, every possible piece of clothing is worn and then brought home.

Helaine was worried about traffic. New York is in the midst of a transit strike, and the trip to college goes through Queens. Luckily, the trip went off without a hitch.

Stef finished her finals, and as far as I can tell, everything went well. That’s very good for her because the first semester is the most difficult and sets the tone for the next seven.

Now is the real test – real life!

Stef is used to making her own decisions: who, what, where, when and how. Now she has to try and co-exist with her family. This is not a dorm.

Remember us?

At the same time Helaine and I are going to have to learn to go easy when Stef makes decisions. I’m not particularly good at this. It was so much easier when she was wearing ‘onesies’ and I was making all her decisions.

When does school start up again?

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