Zeitgeist – It’s Really What We Want

It is a staple of the search engines – Zeitgeist.

One thought on “Zeitgeist – It’s Really What We Want”

  1. Google = smart

    It is interesting, no one will Yahoo (verb) anything (at least in conversation), but we all Google everything.

    My employer recently looked at web traffic and who was visiting and from whence they came. Unfortunately a disproportionate number of visitors came from Yahoo. Not a good sign for a higher academia site, as studies reveal that users searching on Yahoo are often less sophisticated and not technologically savvy. In general, most sites see about average numbers from the major search engines, with Google usually taking the win. Ours is about a 60/40 split – Yahoo has sixty and the other 40 percent is split among the other search engines, including Google. Yikes!

    It is good(?) to know that Janet Jackson can still make more waves than any hurricane or tsunami (sorry, bad pun).

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