Gifts From New Orleans

I arrived at work yesterday and found a large box from Staples sitting next to my desk. It was from my friend Farrell’s mom, Ruth.

Ruth Meisel was a lifelong New Orleans resident. She’s in Connecticut now, permanently.

Ruth was among those who had heard dire warnings before and decided to stand her ground, in place, against Hurricane Katrina. I’d like to think I had some influence in getting her to change her mind before the storm hit.

Looking back, Ruth knows she made the right choice to leave. Though her house stands, a look inside only hints at what she would have experienced. It must have been an astoundingly hard decision at the time.

When I opened the box, I smiled.

I will get more elaborate and more expensive gifts this holiday season, but none more thoughtful or meaningful. What you see in the photo is a New Orleans care package.

One thought on “Gifts From New Orleans”

  1. Geoff,

    When I was sent down in September, I came home with a “brick” of Community Coffee. It disappeared so quickly, I feel that my “better” half ate it raw with a spoon.


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