Sydney As Santa

Sydney the dog wears a Santa hatI knew I was in trouble when both Helaine and Steffie asked why Sydney’s picture was not yet in the blog?  What was I waiting for – New Years?

OK – here’s the photo.

Unlike most dogs, Sydney had no objection to wearing the hat.  In fact, Sydney hasn’t objected to anything yet.  She’s pretty content to sit or sleep and be oblivious to the world around her.  The only aggressive action she takes is to aggressively hint she might like part of her body rubbed.

Having Sydney in our house is the dog equivalent of having grandchildren.  We can have fun and play with her, but when it’s time for anything resembling responsibility, she gets shipped back home!

2 thoughts on “Sydney As Santa”

  1. OhMyGosh~ that precious face could persuade anyone to cater to Sydney’s every whim. Since she doesn’t demand much, pet and pamper her plenty, anyway 🙂

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