Sydney And The “Ohhhhh” Moment

I wanted to take my daily photo of Sydney, so I moved behind her with my camera. Slowly, she turned her head to catch a glimpse of what was going on.

When she saw it was me, she began to run in my direction. OK, run is a bad characterization. She gently walked in my direction and climbed onto my pajama pant leg.

It’s possible her eyesight is so poor she just kept walking until she hit an uphill barrier? I’m more inclined to think she wanted the companionship… and the back rub that comes with dog/human contact.

It was an “ohhhhh” moment. You know, something so genuinely sweet you have to say “ohhhhh.”

Earlier this morning, my friend Wendie sent this:

meanwhile.. we’re inching closer to replacing ivy, i see!!!

and don’t deny it.&#185

The same sentiment has been passed along by a few other friends who’ve caught the photos. It’s just not so.

We loved Ivy more than you can imagine. And we loved having the companionship and love a dog brings. We just have no desire to take on the responsibility again.

It would be different if we could ‘institutionalize’ a dog so we could go on vacation or have a day in the city. We can’t.

So, we will continue in the ‘dog grandparent’ mode – taking in borders from time-to-time and loving every second.

&#185 – A fund is being established for Wendie and everyone else who is capital letter challenged. We can work to find a cure.

One thought on “Sydney And The “Ohhhhh” Moment”

  1. Ahhh, compared to kids (the human variety)— a pet is so much easier in the responsibility department. When I think of what I’ve found to be the most pleasurable ‘things’ in life, it’s pets, photography and traveling. One would be hard-put to find anyone who loves any of these more than I do, though I have no doubt that untold thousands are just as fond of those as I am. When my final moments come, would I want to be seeing a foreign country with a camera happily around my neck (and I’d love to expand upon the chunks of the world I’ve already seen)—or would I want it to happen quietly at home, with my pets in my arms? It’s the latter that means more to my heart and soul, by far….it’s the only way I ever imagine it being.

    I know some people who say they don’t want to board a pet elsewhere while they’re traveling, saying it isn’t fair to the pet. But ~ being boarded once, or even a few times per year (if trusted family or friends can’t take care of them for you) is so much more preferable to the alternative—never letting that pet have the joy of a wonderful life with a family who cherishes it. Eventually getting a new pet is never a ‘replacement’ for a pet—there couldn’t be a more inappropriate word…it is the ultimate tribute to the one or ones who came before, who shared your lives and your love. Just as your hearts were moved to take in sweet Ivy that day, perhaps at some point you will feel that stirring again.

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