Cruising The Pacific

Aboard the Norwegian Star

Pacific OceanWe are 70 miles West of the Baja California peninsula in the Pacific Ocean, 1037 miles from our first port, Manzanillo, Mexico.

I slept like a baby – really. The ship was gently rocking and it didn’t take long before Helaine could claim I was snoring. Steffie’s in on it too, saying I snore. I’ve certainly never heard it.

It’s probably a good thing you don’t think about the stresses placed on a ship as it sways in the water. There are noises in the cabin, little metallic groans, as the ship pushes and pulls against its rivets and welds.

A view along the rail from our balconyI was going to play Hold’em last night, but was very disappointed. A single table tournament scheduled for 9:30 was canceled when only three of us registered.

Later, a cash game started. I sat through one time around the table without playing a hand. A drunken, obnoxious guy sat in the third seat.

It wasn’t that he cursed, because I curse too. He was just crude and low class.

As much as I enjoy Hold’em, he was still too much!

Hold’em is played in a small room off the casino. You walk though the the High Stakes Baccarat area, through a door, down a small hallway, take a right and through another door.

It would be better if it were in the actual casino.

Stairs on the Norwegian StarWith poker a no go and Helaine and Stef otherwise occupied, I walked around the ship. It is huge, not just in breadth and width, but in height. We have all committed to taking the stairs. As much as we’ll eat, I have a fighting chance of counteracting it.

Who am I kidding?

Walking some of the decks was eerie. I was alone with the wind blowing. To the horizon, it was dark. I felt very alone… and remembered the guy from Greenwich who disappeared on his honeymoon.

Lifeboat sign on the Norwegian StarOn the upper decks there are numerous whip antennas and radomes housing satellite and radar dishes. This ship is totally connected to the mothership 24/7.

Before I go, a little about the Internet service onboard. It is a pain in the butt. It’s workable, but it’s a pain.

I bought 250 minutes worth for $100. In order to use the access I carry my laptop to the Internet Cafe, a few decks down. There is a wireless ‘cloud’ there. It is significantly slower than what I have at home. Of course, every second you spend online, you’re thinking about the meter running.

Sometimes, when I’ve talked about taking cruises, those listening worried about claustrophobia. Yes, everything is downsized. Rooms and corridors are tiny. Still there’s lot of room and lot’s of individual spots to explore.

I have edited some comments which were found offensive by others. That’s never my intention and only showed my lack of sensitivity. – GF

4 thoughts on “Cruising The Pacific”

  1. well, i’ve been monitoring the webcam and as yet have not seen you cavorting in the hot tub. even more disturbing is the lack of decent competition on the felt. you need to gin up interest at one of the twenty or so dining events on any given day. take em down dawg. i expect this trip to be free to you and the family once you work your wiles on the rubes.


  2. Geoff-

    I’m really disappointed with you — and your footnote is no excuse.

    I happen to be fat – for a variety of reasons, but I take responsibility for myself. Let me add that it sucks and has been a lifelong struggle.

    So ok, the guy was drunk and obnoxious. But by say he is fat is hurtful. The fact that he perhaps is catholic, jewish, a plumber, cop, whatever is totally irrelevent to the fact that you found him insulting.

    Describing him as drunk, obnoxious and fat is hurtful — not just to your intended target.

    While I am fat, I am never drunk or obnoxious. Lumping the adjectives together is wrong.

    I am disaapointed in you. And while not intentional, feel hurt myself. And I’m probably not the only one.


  3. Geoff, this post is for John, above. John, don’t be hurt by Geoff’s description of the overweight guy…I think he was trying to portray a visual of a fat, obnoxious guy. It well could’ve been a skinny, obnoxious guy. The operative word is obnoxious–not the description of the guy’s habitus. Writers tend to paint a visual portrait and boy–could I see this guy in my mind. Think I’ve sat next to him at Mohegan. Evi

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