We’re On The High Seas

Aboard the Norwegian Star

A little recap is in order. We spent last night at the Westin at LAX. We must be getting smarter because we knew to put our bags on the movable rack and then keep them with us in the room.

Today was definitely a day of hurry up and wait. First to LAX where we met up with Norwegian Cruise Line’s ground staff. We waited for the bus to the docks. Once we got there we stood in line to register and stood in line again to go through security.

The company Norwegian hires to do their security at San Pedro is very sneaky. I’m very observent, and it was only luck that let me realize these weren’t TSA screeners!

Their uniforms, methods and equipment and all reminiscent of what you’d see at the airport. I thought it was especially funny that all the old men wearing hats had to remove them, briefly.

We got on the ship and went to our cabin on Deck 11. We’re in a mini suite with a balcony. If you’ve never been on a ship, it is so small you’d wonder how they could call it a suite – even prefaced by mini.

I am typing this while on the balcony. Let me say now, a few hours into the trip, I’m going to love this balcony. I love it already.

Leaving San Pedro aboard the Norwegian SunAs we left the pier in San Pedro, I stood outside and watched. At walking speed, we made a sharp right turn and headed into the channel. The bow thrusters swung the rear left as the hsip pivoted. It was awesome as we slowly picked up speed. The Star moves effortlessly.

The night is cool and the ship is gently rocking. The moon is high in the sky directly to my left as I type. Its reflection is lighting the sea surface. Off in the distance, I still see the lights of the California Coast. The won’t be visible much longer.

This is living.

We have done a few things on the ship. We ate – twice.

Aqua dining room aboard the Norwegian SunFirst we had a ‘snack’ right after coming on board. We’ve just finished dinner in Aqua, a very nice restaurant a few decks down.

Norwegian has what’s called “Free Style” cruising, which means you can eat where and when you want. There are a few restaurants that charge a little extra, but mostly everyhting’s included.

Helaine and Stef also made arrangements for at least one shore excursion. They won’t tell me what it is, but they say my camera will be very happy.

Over the next few days I’ll let you know more about the ship. I really don’t know much yet. It’s large – I can tell you that. It’s full of people of every shape, size, color and age. It is beautifully decorated.

I’ve already registered for a poker tournament in the casino. It’s a $50 + $10 sing table sit and go. I am hoping it is a table full of poker neophytes – not that that guarantees success.

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