Why Does The Phone Ring At 7:30 AM?

OK – I’ll admit it, I’m spoiled. When Helaine gets out of bed in the morning, she closes the bedroom door. That leaves me in a room with a phone… but with its ringer silenced.

There’s no such protection here in Florida at my folks condo. In fact, the size of the cordless phone, sitting in its charger, belies its ability to shriek. It is LOUD!

The phone began ringing at 7:30 AM. My parents photo was in the Palm Beach Post. Friends and neighbors wanted to make sure they knew.

The article was about their physician, who has begun to charge for the privilege of being his patient – regardless of how often, or even whether, you visit his office&#185.

Amazingly, they were pictured, but not quoted!

When the photographer visited my parents he asked them not to smile. That worked. They look positively glum.

Is that slanting the news? Their photo certainly doesn’t make the doctor look warm and fuzzy. But, even without quoting them, the photo perfectly represents how they feel about the whole affair.

The day has begun. I’ll be looking for an opportunity to nap later. Please don’t call.

&#185 – I wrote about this last August when it first came up.

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