Juno Beach Art Show

My promise to Helaine was, this would not be a trip spent in flea markets and Costco. We would do stuff in Florida other than kill time. Today was my first opportunity to come through.

The Palm Beach Post had an ad for an art show in Juno Beach, about 35 miles north on I-95. Everyone agreed we’d go!

While waiting for the last Fox to be ready (no names), I checked the website of the show’s promoter and saw David Gordon was one of the exhibitors. Helaine and I know David and have a half dozen works by him scattered around the house. We hadn’t seen him in at least ten years, so this would be an added bonus.

The trip to Juno was uneventful. The promoter had wisely set up a remote parking area and buses to the exhibition. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm Florida day – and the exhibition was adjacent to the beach.

Rather than bore you with more details, I’ve taken some of my photos and put together a slide show.

I have no idea why, but youtube.com hosts videos like mine for free! How could I resist, especially when I can’t remember how to properly embed the wmv file which contains the show.

Actually, I put it together with Microsoft’s free Photo Story 3. It’s simple and heavily automated, and as you’ll see, it really works.

What will tomorrow bring? Who knows! In my parents world, every day is Sunday. How nice.

Click the video button (above) to start the slideshow.

2 thoughts on “Juno Beach Art Show”

  1. Geoff, thanks for the heads up about microsoft photo story 3. I just downloaded it and put my first small project together. Works Great!! This is one of the reasons I love your blog, loads of great ideas and tips!

    Thanks again Geoff!!

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