The Real Accomplishment Of This Trip

I’m a lucky guy. I have really great parents and I enjoy being with them. There’s no doubt, they’re older. Still, they’re in pretty good health.

My dad sees out of one eye – and not very clearly. He hears little without hearing aids. Oh, who am I kidding, he hears little with them too.

He is active on the computer, in social situations, and active physically. He and my mom hoofed the steps to our car, on the second floor of a garage, tonight.

My mother is a long term cancer survivor. I won’t say her age, but you’d never guess it by looking at her. She too is active in every possible way.

Not bad for a couple married 58 years.

Part of my goal for this trip was to videotape my parents talking about how they met and courted. Today was the day.

I sat them down individually and then together. I rolled a simple Samsung DV camcorder and used the attached microphone. It was decidedly low tech.

After the ‘interview’ I scanned some photos and memorabilia from those days (including the photo attached to this entry).

When I get home the video will be digitized, a little narrative written, and a small parental documentary edited.

I’m not sure whether this will be family only or if I’ll let it out to be seen by all. That will be decided by my family after the tape is cut.

All I know is, I am glad I did this. Their story is sweet. Their love true and immediately obvious. I hope I can make that show on the finished video.

3 thoughts on “The Real Accomplishment Of This Trip”

  1. hi geoff,

    So nice to hear that your are enjoying your visit with the parents. Happy to hear that they are doing well… we miss you at work….

  2. Geoff, we did the same sort of thing–an interview of my grandparents back in the 80s when all that we had was an old vhs tape camcorder. It came out really well and now these videos are so very precious 25 years later. In the middle of the tape, my grandmother smiled and said, when I die, I’m coming back as a blue butterfly..She missed her hundreth birthday by only a few days and belive me…Everywhere I turn, there’s a blue butterfly.. Your family will LOVE this endeavor! And your parents photo is very lovely.. thanks for sharing with the blog readers Evi

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