Emmy Judging Time

Gil Simmons, who I work with at the TV station, has asked me to be a judge for the Emmy Awards. This isn’t the big deal national awards you see on television. This is for one of a number of local regions.

Actually, I shouldn’t have said it’s not a big deal, because to the entrants, it absolutely is. I am fortunate to have seven, and I know I was elated when I won and crestfallen when I lost.

When we judge, we do so for another section of the country. This time it’s the Southwest Region, though Gil tells me it looks like most of what we’ve got has come from Las Vegas.

Here’s the problem. When it comes to judging, it’s like pulling teeth. I wrote about this before, a few years ago, when judging took place in my house. Gil is having the same problem, rounding up a jury.

I would like these applicants to have the benefit of many eyes seeing their work. My guess is, that’s what they’d want too. Unfortunately, the more likely scenario is, they will be judged by a group closer to the minimum allowed.

I hope we’re fair. I hope the most talented wins. I wish there were more of us making the decision.

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