More Spam?

I have a gmail account I use. It serves two purposes – when I have to register on a site and would rather not give up my ‘real’ address, and when I want to guarantee access to a file or text (because the gmail file ‘lives’ on any computer I’m at).

One of the neater features of gmail is its excellent spam filtering. In fact, it is head and shoulders better than Thunderbird, the mail program I use. Neither of them are as good as popfile, which I used to use.

Gmail holds on to spam in its own little sandbox for a month before automatically deleting it. So, with just a glance I can see the relative state of spamming.

Until recently the spam file had 500-550 entries. Today it’s up to 672!

Have I just had my email address passed around or is spamming seeing another growth spurt?

One thought on “More Spam?”

  1. Geoff, is there any way to register for GMail without giving them your cell phone number?

    Isnt’ that a bit dangerou$$$$?

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