Southwest Airlines Understands Customer Service

Possibly you remember how in January, Helaine, Steffie and I were scheduled to fly to LA from Hartford for a cruise? Though we left ourselves more than a full day of leeway, a major snowstorm was coming.

I called Southwest, and after some cajoling and pleading, our reservations were changed without charge. I wrote about it when it happened, calling the entry Southwest – May I Kiss You On The Lips?.

I’ll complain when things are bad, so I should compliment when they’re good. I did, by writing a letter to Southwest (as much as I love them, they’re very email un-friendly).

Today, I got my reply from Customer Relations (read it here) and a copy of the note Colleen Barrett, Southwest’s president, sent to the people who helped me (read it here). Do you think that note will help the next folks in my situation?

Damn right it will.

Just as important, the note from Southwest’s Kaye Kelly to me said, “I, of course, did back flips when I read how Patty and Linda were able to “bend the rules” and change your itinerary as you requested.”

Amazing! At Southwest, employees get rewarded for bending the rules to help a customer. This customer couldn’t be more pleased to let you know.

One thought on “Southwest Airlines Understands Customer Service”

  1. Yes, customer service is what Southwest Airlines is known for! And I do wonder when they’ll figure out that email thing… not too many companies answer their emails.

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