Off To Milwaukee

The upstairs hallway at home looks a little like a disaster area. Clothes have been picked, approved and sequestered. I’m hoping they’ll be packed by the time I arrive around midnight.

We’re flying to Milwaukee tomorrow. It’s my niece Jessica’s wedding. Jessie will be the first of her generation (my sister’s three kids plus Steffie) to get married.

My parents flew in today on a bumpy trip, in a smaller jet, over major thunderstorms. To add insult to injury, the bumpy leg followed a long stop in Atlanta and a delayed departure.

I’d like to say tomorrow will be better, but that’s a guarantee I can’t make right now.

We fly to Chicago, rent a car, and drive north. Having all my Southwest tickets would be much better if they flew to Milwaukee. Midway will have to suffice.

I’m bringing the camera. It’s a wedding. Photos are in order.

Actually, we’re bringing plenty of electronics. There will be three cellphones, three laptops and lots of chargers and cables.

The concept of ‘all the comforts of home’ has changed over time.

One thought on “Off To Milwaukee”

  1. Geoff,

    If you have the time, you might want to check out the poker room at Potawatomi Bingo Casino. It does not compare to Foxwoods, but it is right in Milwaukee. Have a nice trip to our state.


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