Do You Miss Buffalo?


I was just on the phone with my dad. We talked about the weather a little. He’s in Milwaukee where it’s 29 with a wind chill of 22. My office window thermometer shows 72.

“Bet you’re glad you’re not in Buffalo,” he said.

I am.

766 Auburn Ave   Google Maps

I lived here, at 766 Auburn Avenue (Google streetview link) in the third floor apartment. It was a beautiful one bedroom with no insulation and enough water pressure to take a shower if no one in the other two apartments was! During the summer we were woken by squirrel races on the roof.

Those who live in Buffalo do so by choice. Anyone who wanted to leave left a long time ago. There is a survivor spirit among the residents.

It is a really nice, liveable city. Real estate is very reasonable. Summers are magical. Winters are hellish.

Starting in mid-November a thick veil of low clouds descends upon the city. This is the beginning of the process that spawns Lake Effect snow. It’s convection, like bubbles in a pot of boiling water. It will remain mainly cloudy with a handful of exceptions until spring.

This time of year the Great Lakes are warm and the flow through the atmosphere cold. Warm air near the lake’s surface is drawn up, condensing as it cools. Clouds form, often dropping snow.

Lake Effect season begins suddenly. The start is when the potential for big storms is greatest… as we saw this past week. Once Lake Erie freezes the process shuts down.

Lake Ontario doesn’t freeze. Sorry Syracuse.

For a real Lake Effect event, winds must be aligned through the atmosphere often parallel to a lake’s longest dimension.

These storms are VERY localized. The physics involved in Lake Effect snow is very similar to summertime thunderstorm formation. In fact, sometimes thundersnow is part of a Lake Effect storm.

Think “thunderstorm downpour” of snow… except instead of moving on, the storm continues for hours or days relentlessly.


This graph is from East Aurora, NY. Under land use it’s marked, “Urban.” People live there. That’s over 30″ of snowpack with a water equivalent of 5″.

The edges of Lake Effect storms are well pronounced. You drive out of Lake Effect snow like you drive out of a summer thunderstorm. And these boundaries stay in place as long as the wind doesn’t shift.

No one can cope with this much snow. No one is equipped, even those areas that get as much as 200″ of snow a year!

“Yes, Dad. I’m glad I’m not in Buffalo.” But I don’t regret a day of living there.

Next Stop Milwaukee, Hopefully

There is no Marcus Welby medical care in America. It’s sad for patients. It’s sad for docs too. Lots of physicians want to do medicine that way, but it’s not practical in the 21st Century.

harold-and-bettyWe’re attempting our Milwaukee trip again. We leave from LAX this time (drive 40 miles save 50%), but again change in Phoenix. Please, no more shootouts/car chases from Tempe!

Lots of folks wrote me after I mentioned my mom in the blog. There were lots of suggestions, all different, some mutually exclusive. Still, the one thing that everyone seemed to agree on was being an advocate for mom.

That’s a nice way of saying keep an eye on the nursing facility.

There is no Marcus Welby medical care in America. It’s sad for patients. It’s sad for docs too. Lots of physicians want to do medicine that way, but it’s not practical in the 21st Century.

There was a meeting this afternoon at my mom’s current facility. Social worker, nurse, speech therapist, my dad, sister and brother-in-law plus me on the phone.

The physical therapist was a no-show. As explained, this person with the most insight to help us answer questions left work early. FML! Trudi and Jeff were justifiably furious.

As best I can tell my mom is making some progress. None of this comes easy or without effort and pain. She is frail. I can’t put myself in her shoes. We’re hoping she can reach the benchmarks that have been set.

roxie floorStef, who’s coming, drove down from H’wood with Roxie. Roxie and Doppler will be watched by Dop’s sitter who Roxie met today for the first time.

In the past Stef told me how Roxie responds as they exit the freeway. It’s a romantic story where Roxie basically comes to attention as they pull down the exit ramp to the light. She stays on guard for the next 5-6 minutes to our house.

On the way back today, in my car, I watched Roxie stand at attention as we passed that same spot! Crazy. Totally different experience, different car and length of trip. She still knew.

wpid-wp-1411080785006.jpegOf course there’s also good news in our trip. We’re lodging with my niece Melissa, her husband Mark and Charlotte who has promised to stay tiny for us, though the shot on the left now qualifies for “file photo” status.

Two full days on the ground. We’ll be busy

No Shirt. No Flight.

The third guy, shirtless for easy identification, ran into Terminal 4.

Shirtless! Was he hoping to get on COPS?

melissa and charlotte smirkIt’s 10:00 PM. Helaine and I should be on a plane approaching Milwaukee. Instead, the plane is over Western Kansas and we’re in SoCal.

We were headed cheeseward on the occasion of my niece Melissa’s daughter’s naming. Grand niece, right?


She’s really adorable and I’m sure I’m already her favorite uncle. If not, please fix that.

Thank you Arizona criminals!

It all started around 2:30 at a Tempe, Arizona gas station. A fight there turned to gunplay with one man critically injured. The perps took off.

Cops quickly spotted them speeding from the scene. These guys weren’t giving up easily. They hit the gas hard until the police were forced to back off for safety.

shirtless suspectThey were next seen at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. Two of the suspects, a man and a woman, were quickly arrested. The third guy, shirtless for easy identification, ran into Terminal 4.

Shirtless! Was he hoping to get on COPS?

Terminal 4 is where Southwest’s TPA-DEN-SMF-SNA-PHX-AUS Flight 4661 usually makes its next to last stop.

We were ready to board at John Wayne when the gate agent told us to sit, Phoenix was closed!

First Southwest delayed the flight. Then they cancelled. They pulled the trigger very quickly on what looked to be a full load. Surprising.

Within seconds nearly everyone at Gate 16 reached for their pockets. We got emails. We got texts.

I tapped in Southwest’s number.

“We can call you back in 12-17 minutes,” the not-really-a-woman on the phone said.

I pressed one for yes.

Forty five minutes later they called back.

We were stuck. Christina, Stef’s best friend, is scheduled to stay here Sunday night . This Milwaukee trip was already squeezed into the tiniest possible space.

We picked up Doppler at the sitter and came home.

sky harbor shooting arrestDay wasted!

We will reschedule soon. We’ve got a great niece to see and my folks, plus Trudi and Jeff’s three generations.

Oh, and Phoenix suspect… on behalf all the people inconvenienced by your stupid, violent act and on behalf of the poor man you sent to the hospital, don’t get your hopes up for character witnesses.


John Wayne Airport claims to be located in Santa Ana, but it’s really in a complex governmental no-man’s land. No one calls it Santa Ana, probably because Santa Ana is poor. That’s not very comforting.

The airport is commonly referred to as Orange County or John Wayne.

Because the magnetic field of the Earth changes ever so slightly from year-to-year, this summer they had to renumber runway 1R-19L and 1L-19R to 2-20 left and right. Honest.

About My Mom

It was not a happy move. They were leaving a place of comfort (and warmth) and moving to a strange land with winter!

Sometimes there are no good choices.


I spoke to my folks this afternoon. Speaking to them (and my sister) is a nearly daily occurrence. My mom sounded great.

For the past few years my mom’s health has deteriorated. Not only was she physically infirm, she began to check out mentally.

At her lowest point she was down to single word answers. She had retreated into her own shell.

“I love you mommy,” I’d say to end conversations. No response.

That was tough.

We are an emotional family. She’d lost all emotion. It was as if my mom had been hollowed out.

Last fall, just as the cold was settling into Milwaukee and South Florida’s humidity began to retreat, my parents moved north. My sister and her family live there. She found them an assisted living facility nearby.

It was not a happy move. They were leaving a place of comfort (and warmth) and moving to a strange land with winter!

Sometimes there are no good choices.

Moving to Milwaukee and assisted living meant they’d have to go downstairs a few times a day for meals. In Florida they seldom left their condo. That might have been the catalyst.

My mom began to communicate more. Not much, but you take what you can get.

IMG_1404_8961At this weekend’s wedding my mom was as sharp and happy as I’d seen her in a very long time–maybe a few years. She smiled and laughed. She had extended conversations. I got her a glass of wine with a straw.

Today my niece Jessie stopped by to visit. She brought Judah and Gabby, their great-grandchildren.

When I called that was all my folks could talk about. The visit was short. The impact is great. Jessie understands that. She made a mitzvah&#185.

On the phone my mom was stronger and happier than even this weekend! It usually doesn’t move in that direction in your mid-80s.

Don’t get me wrong, my mom is in a wheelchair. She is taking physical therapy and using her walker within the apartment–sometimes. I think she sees positive results from the PT and wants more, but she’s a long way from being mobile.

My mom is not as sharp as she once was. Sometimes she forgets things. But year-to-year the improvement is nothing less than miraculous.

None of us expected this turn. Our family is very happy. We never gave up.

This is our reward.

&#185 in Hebrew, “mitzvah” means a commandment of the Jewish law or meritorious or charitable act. It’s commonly used when someone selflessly does a good deed.

The Wedding

Milwaukee has become the hub of my family. We saw my sister and brother-in-law, parents, two nieces and families, nephew and bride, plus non-related peripheral family members who we might as well be related to.


As you may have heard, H and I spent the weekend in Milwaukee. We live in amazing times. Trips like this are possible, though still pretty brutal.

We left before the Sun rose Saturday and watched it set as we flew between Phoenix and John Wayne two days later.

Milwaukee has become the hub of my family. We saw my sister and brother-in-law, parents, two nieces and families, nephew and bride, plus non-related peripheral family members who we might as well be related to.

We stayed with Mark and Melissa. Her baby is due later this month. Putting us up is no small chore. Thank you both, again.

The real purpose of our trip was Matt and Brooke’s wedding. We went to a rehearsal dinner Saturday night, then the wedding Sunday.

The bride was beautiful. The ceremony too. We hope they’re forever happy.

It’s nice when the family gets together. I’m sure we’ll be back to see the baby.

The Foxes Are Heading Back Into Winter

melissaMy niece Melissa is expecting. This weekend is her baby shower. We’re heading to Milwaukee where it’s still winterish.

I’ll let the Weather Service forecasters try to polish this turd of a forecast.



We will see no sunshine in Wisconsin. Most of the weekend will be rainy. There’s a chance for snow late Sunday into Monday, though not much. That’s when we fly home.

It makes no difference. My parents are there, plus my sister and her family. Four generations together. It’s totally worthwhile. We’re very excited.

Of course I’m saying that in the abstract. A little winter might change my attitude.

Departure is VERY early tomorrow morning.

Guests Mean Baked Goods… And Guests

Helaine's baked goods

Guests are arriving tomorrow. My sister and brother-in-law are flying in from the ‘burbs of Milwaukee. Brutal winter. We’ll reintroduce them to the Sun.

Their trip from Milwaukee to Orange County will take nine plus hours.

I’ve done my part. I’ve been to the store to pick up my sister’s favorite goodies.

Helaine has been baking. Oh, my. I was skinny when Helaine and I met.

There are baked delights so delicious and unhealthy they can only be baked to convince a recalcitrant boy not to be scared of you. I don’t get those anymore.

“I don’t think these came out right,” Helaine offered as I walked into the kitchen earlier today.

I’ve heard this before. She’s so wrong.

Pastry. I heard the word “almond” float by. Slender, twisted, pale in color. I took a bite. Flaky. Oh. My. God. Nirvana.

I offered to take them off her hands, no questions asked.

Also appearing on tonight’s show… chocolate chip and thumbprint cookies. Both killer.

The cool thing about Helaine’s baking is how much she enjoys it and how good she is at it. Where is my 21 year old metabolism when I need it?

Beside eating, we plan on showing Jeff and Trudi around. It’s a nice place and we have access to the Sun.

I Feel Your Pain — Still


“I love the four seasons,” said no one in the Northeast today. The weather sucks!

There’s already six inches to a foot on-the-ground in Connecticut.

With rain/sleet/freezing rain and then a turn back to snow, the pack will be wet, heavy and tough to clear.

I just traded texts with my niece Melissa in Milwaukee. She and husband Mark are supposed to fly Southwest to New York City tomorrow. Good luck.

New York City’s new mayor is in snow denial mode. Another attempt to blame the weatherman. It’s bipartisan. Everybody does it!

The mayor and Al Roker battled it out on Twitter this morning. Winter will do that to you. Everyone gets testy.

Southwest hasn’t cancelled flights for tomorrow yet. They will!

Will Melissa’s plane even make it to Milwaukee tonight so it’s available for a 6:05 AM departure? Will the crew have enough rest hours? How crazy will our nation’s air traffic system be?

I’m not sure what to do on a day like today? It’s 75&#176 and partly cloudy at John Wayne Airport. Out my window, totally blue skies. Should I just keep my mouth shut and hide?

I totally understand what folks in the Northeast are going through. It might seem like I’m rubbing it in. I’m not. My dues are paid-in-full.

Usually by mid-February, winter had gotten the best of me. And yet I knew there was more snow to come. There was nothing to do but grin and bear it and plan my escape.

More snow Saturday. Post photos. That’s as close as I’m getting.

Trying To Keep A Low Profile In This Weather


It came via Twitter early today.

@JRRN27 @geofffox Hey Geoff, bet you don’t miss this snow!!!! –

It’s true. I don’t.

And there lies the rub.

Will I piss off old friends if I talk about the weather too much?

Roll down the window put down the top
Crank up the Beach Boys baby
Don’t let the music stop
We’re gonna ride it till we just can’t ride it no more

>From the South Bay to the Valley
>From the West Side to the East Side
Everybody’s very happy
‘Cause the sun is shining all the time
Looks like another perfect day
– “I Love LA” Randy Newman

We were in the eighties today. Even now, at 7:30 pm it’s 64&#176. Three of the next seven days are forecast over 70&#176. Six of seven will beat 60&#176.

Like most people who’ve moved, Helaine and I keep track of what’s going on elsewhere. The Internet makes that easy. I’ve been watching the cold and snow where my sister and folks live near Milwaukee and this weekend’s weather in Connecticut.

Snow is not a singular event. It takes different skills to navigate it at different stages.



Better forecasting has changed how people deal with snow. Years ago snow was often a surprise. The exact accumulation might be off, but a forecast of snow today is nearly always followed by actual snow!

If you’re scared of driving in snow, you no longer have to! You can plan ahead. That’s taken a lot of people off the road in storms.

More snow is likely early Tuesday in Connecticut. It will be light, but of a long duration. That means additional inches turning dirtying snow back-to-white!

SoCal residents have little tolerance for any deviation from sunny and 70&#176s. It’s funny to see people in winter coats when it’s in the fifties. Scarves too.

My daughter confessed she enjoyed the last rainy day. It was a change from the monotony of blue skies.

I will resist, but I can see how that happens. It’s only rained parts of five days since we arrived in late June.

Computers Make Life Easier And Scarier

google-now-screenI’m very confused. Computers looking over my shoulder have made life easier and scarier. This isn’t a new subject from me, but it hit home last week as we prepared to leave for the weekend.

My phone and tablet both run the Android operating system. That means they both have Google Now, which claims:

“Just the right information at the right time.”

I opened Google Now and saw my flight times listed. I didn’t tell Google I was flying. It figured that out from reading my email.

It figures a lot out from what I do.

There are currently offers to track packages heading my way and links to articles about Comet Ison. It knows about the packages from my email and the comet from my browsing history.

Google Location historyMy weather is there too. While in Milwaukee, Google Now posted the local forecast plus a link to the weather at home.

It knows where home is.

Because I often use my cellphone’s GPS there are maps tracking my every move! Actually, I’m tracked when I’m not using the GPS too. The readings just aren’t taken as often.

Google Location history 2I assume Google can figure out who my doctor is and where we shop for groceries. It knew I was at Fenway Park June 24th. It can tell when I’ve spent the day at home.

Remember, it’s not just my location they know. Google also knows what’s at those locations.

I can turn most of this off. I don’t. There are two main reasons.

First, if I turn it off I’m the only one deprived of the info. Google and their pals will still know.

Second, it’s valuable to me.

Having my flight information, or weather in a strange city, or sports scores from just the teams I follow are more valuable when easily found.

Having Google Now is like having my own personal assistant. Does it know any less than a flesh and blood personal assistant would?

The downside is this information will be used in ways we can hardly imagine. And it will be used without your knowledge even when it’s wrong!

While we were in Milwaukee my GPS readout briefly shows me at my parents old condo in Florida. Who do I see to correct that glitch?

When the government pushes back against fears of surveillance it’s often stated the information is anonymized. Red herring. My actual name is the least important part of this equation.

I’m truly conflicted about all this. So much power to do good. So much potential to be evil.



We are somewhere over Iowa.  It’s dark out on this turbulent night over the plains.  From time-to-time I see small towns, but from this vantage, Iowa is mainly empty.

We’re heading home with a stop and change in Las Vegas.

One row behind, Stef is lying across all three seats.  To my right, Helaine is asleep.  I just woke up.  We are bushed.

Three days and two nights in motion! Our trip was brutally short.

Today has been an awful weather day in the Midwest.  Tornadoes.  Downpours.  Wind.  The biggest action was south of Milwaukee, though our weather wins no prize.

On time departure!  All things considered, big surprise.

We handed our Dodge Charger (ugh) back to Dollar and walked into the terminal.

Helaine and I handed our boarding passes and licenses to the TSA gatekeeper at MKE’s C Concourse.  She pointed to the right.  In front of us was a line.  She was pointing to the airport equivalent of an HOV lane.

“You won’t have to remove your shoes or belt,” she said.  “You’ve been pre-screened.”

Stef, following behind but traveling to LAX instead of SNA, wasn’t as lucky.

I tried not to look this gift horse in the mouth.  Why us?  Why now?  Is it because we’ve flown so many times recently we seem trustworthy, or was it random luck?

Our flight is unusually empty.  There are 60 empty seats.

Sully had some trouble keeping it on the center line as we rolled down Runway 24.  The plane rocked from side-to-side on-the-ground and in-the-air.

It never felt like we were in danger.  It just took a few minutes to feel like smooth modern jet travel.

Taking off marked the end of a weekend of accomplishments.

My parents new apartment is a little more homey than when we  arrived.  There is food in the ‘fridge, towels in the bathroom and some scattered lamps.  A tiny TV is hooked to the cable, as is a router for WiFi.

The bulk of the furniture arrives Monday with all sorts of deliveries scattered through the week.

We split into teams Saturday.  The girls shopped with my mom.  The men went with my dad.  Think whirlwind.  All things considered my parents held up reasonably well.

I’m sure my folks are still a little… maybe a lot… disoriented.  This kind of move is huge.  So much of it was accomplished out of their sight.  They’ve jumped on a merry-go-round in motion!

My mom would rather be back in Florida.  My dad’s more a realist.  They need a ready backstop.  Assisted living sounds clinical, but the words fit.  Staff is there to assist.  Our family is there to assist too.

Helaine, Stef and I stayed with my niece Melissa and her husband Mark.  We were their first guests!  Hopefully they took pride in what they did, because they were great hosts and their home… their first home… is beautiful.

Before we planned on helping my folks, we planned on coming to Milwaukee.  This trip was to celebrate my sister’s sixtieth.  We had an amazing “Chef’s Table” experience, eating in the kitchen at  Shully’s in nearby Thiensville.

There are loads of pics coming, so I’ll wait with details.  It was a first for me.  Very cool concept, exceptionally executed.  Our table was loud with laughter.  Our little family doesn’t celebrate together often enough.

It will be well after midnight when we get home to Irvine and Stef to Hollywood.  We will all sleep well tonight.

Sad Day/Happy Day


I just spoke to my sister. She’s in the car with my folks. Everyone’s in Milwaukee.

Today was the day. After sixteen years my folks sold their Boynton Beach condo and moved from Florida to Wisconsin.

I know. Who moves from Florida to Wisconsin, especially with winter nearly here? In this case it’s not just a good move, it’s the best move!

My parents are moving to an assisted living facility near my sister, brother-in-law and their family. My folks will be within minutes of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

No one wants to see their parents need a place like this, but it’s the reality. Living alone was no longer an acceptable solution. We all knew it.

Tomorrow, Helaine and I fly to Milwaukee. Stef is already on-the-way. It’s a trip scheduled before my parents decided to move. We’re going to celebrate my sister’s milestone birthday… a number so immense I dare not print it.

Now there’s a bonus reason.

My parents don’t get out much anymore. We, on the other hand, will be out-and-about. Please Milwaukee, don’t be too cold!

I’m Giving You The Last Boarding Pass


We’re on our way to snowy Baltimore, routed from snowy Milwaukee to snowy Connecticut as if we were packages! In the Southwest tradition our plane is hopscotching from coast-to-coast–SEA-MKE-BWI-BUF.

Because Helaine knew we’d be busy today she bought ‘Earlybird Check-In’ for me. Seats on Southwest are first come, first served. Earlybird puts you closer to the front of the line.

We’ve done this before. I get on the plane, then save her a seat.

Because of traffic we got to the airport around 40 minutes before takeoff. Helaine went to check-in, but was told she wouldn’t get a boarding number. She was in the final 15!

I’d never heard about special treatment for the final 15 before. It couldn’t be good!

We went through security, then stood in line at the gate where an agent was already seeking volunteers to be bumped.

Helaine reached the front of the line, handed over her drivers license and was told, “I’m giving you the last boarding pass.”

That’s skin-of-the-teeth! On this 137 seat plane, Helaine was issued boarding pass C-37, the 137th.

deicing-at-MKEOur plane left the gate and taxied across the field. We were getting sprayed with deicer. Even in Milwaukee’s light snow, the potential for ice formation is taken seriously. This is the kind of delay you never should complain about.

Meanwhile, we’d brought Stef to the airport too. She’s got a few hours to wait until her non-stop to LAX departs.

This was actually my second round-trip to MKE today. I took my parents earlier this afternoon for their flight to Florida.

Melissa-and-her-GrandmaThe day started at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. They threw an informal brunch for the out-of-town guests, featuring one more appearance by Mark and Melissa, last night’s bride and groom.

Helaine and I won’t be home much before 1:00 AM. Our BWI-BDL flight has been delayed.

Flying is a great convenience, making this quick wedding trip do-able. It’s still a royal pain in-the-ass. Is anyone happily a road warrior anymore?

The Party Moves To Milwaukee

On final approach to MKE - General Billy Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee

We’re in Milwaukee. Actually, we’re just north of Milwaukee in Mequon, where my sister and brother-in-law live.

Pretty exciting, right?

The sun is out, but there’s snow on the ground and the temperatures is 29&#176–the high of the day.

While waiting for our flight to depart Bradley my cellphone rang. It was Stef at LAX. Actually she was outside the terminal at LAX. That’s where the line for security ended! Her flight was scheduled to go “wheels up” in twenty minutes.

“I’m not going to make my flight,” she said.

Thankfully, through a combination of luck and chutzpah she did–next-to-last on the plane.

My folks are here too. Their flight was delayed an hour, making me triply glad they decided on a non-stop.

After our bag came (an hour) we walked to the car rental lobby. Our company wasn’t there!

I asked one of the folks at Avis, who explained my company was off site and I’d have to take a van… but if we didn’t want to schlep he’d try and match their price.

That’s no small offer. Helaine is the consummate shopper. No bargain evades her. We were getting three days in a midsize for $57. That’s a lot off the rack rate.

By this time I’d found out his name was Tom. He asked Melissa behind the counter to do her best. She did. Not $57, but $60 and for a nice sized four-door Chrysler… and no van ride to-and-from.

Hey, Avis Milwaukee Airport: Tom and Melissa are hustling up business. This car would have sat un-rented for the weekend. They’re making money for you. Good employees are tough to find.

We have a pre-wedding dinner this evening. My niece Melissa already sent a text asking I bring “Clicky.” Photo arm twisting is never needed. My camera bag is stuffed with four lenses to be used.

The weekend is off to a very good start.

Off To Milwaukee

melissa and mark

The jury is still out whether winter is finished in Connecticut. There’s little doubt in Milwaukee. It’s not! Snow’s on tap for Monday.

We head to Milwaukee in the morning. My sister’s younger daughter, Melissa, is getting married. That’s her (above and below left) in photos taken in August.

Milwaukee’s nice in August.

melissa and mark with matt on the sideWe’ve met her fiancee, Mark, and approve. Do they really need our approval?

There are lots of reasons we’re looking forward to the trip. Obviously we’re happy for Melissa and Mark. We’re excited we’ll be seeing Stef, who’s flying in from SoCal.

My folks will be there too!

That last sentence is no small deal. My mom has been through some awful times over the last year plus. Based on phone conversations she’s peppy and with it. Her being in shape to go to this wedding is just shy of miraculous.

The plane ride from Florida to Wisconsin will be stressful. They’ve done this trip before, always making connections in Atlanta. This time my sister and I strongly suggested flying non-stop. It’s more expensive. It’s worth it.

This evening we dropped Doppler off at the ‘spa’. We’ve been told two of her friends from earlier visits will also be there. I expect Doppler to tell all when we return!

It’s a shame she can’t come too. Doppler would probably enjoy the wedding… as would Mark and Melissa’s dog, Toby.