Guests Mean Baked Goods… And Guests

Helaine's baked goods

Guests are arriving tomorrow. My sister and brother-in-law are flying in from the ‘burbs of Milwaukee. Brutal winter. We’ll reintroduce them to the Sun.

Their trip from Milwaukee to Orange County will take nine plus hours.

I’ve done my part. I’ve been to the store to pick up my sister’s favorite goodies.

Helaine has been baking. Oh, my. I was skinny when Helaine and I met.

There are baked delights so delicious and unhealthy they can only be baked to convince a recalcitrant boy not to be scared of you. I don’t get those anymore.

“I don’t think these came out right,” Helaine offered as I walked into the kitchen earlier today.

I’ve heard this before. She’s so wrong.

Pastry. I heard the word “almond” float by. Slender, twisted, pale in color. I took a bite. Flaky. Oh. My. God. Nirvana.

I offered to take them off her hands, no questions asked.

Also appearing on tonight’s show… chocolate chip and thumbprint cookies. Both killer.

The cool thing about Helaine’s baking is how much she enjoys it and how good she is at it. Where is my 21 year old metabolism when I need it?

Beside eating, we plan on showing Jeff and Trudi around. It’s a nice place and we have access to the Sun.

2 thoughts on “Guests Mean Baked Goods… And Guests”

  1. Please find out from Helaine if she used the recipe off the Nestle’s bag of chocolate chips or another one? Over the years, I’ve baked 1000’s of chocolate chip cookies. I found a way to bake them, without making them hard. They are soft & just melt in your mouth.

  2. 2 suggestions for her to try: 1. use the mini chips that give more in
    each bite and never melt on the pan and 2. when
    they come out of oven put them on opened brown paperbags
    to cool-passed down tip from my Grandmothet that
    takes grease out of cookies and onto bag that
    is thrown away-much much better than racks.
    Use it for all baked cookies and see the difference.

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