The Party Moves To Milwaukee

On final approach to MKE - General Billy Mitchell Airport, Milwaukee

We’re in Milwaukee. Actually, we’re just north of Milwaukee in Mequon, where my sister and brother-in-law live.

Pretty exciting, right?

The sun is out, but there’s snow on the ground and the temperatures is 29&#176–the high of the day.

While waiting for our flight to depart Bradley my cellphone rang. It was Stef at LAX. Actually she was outside the terminal at LAX. That’s where the line for security ended! Her flight was scheduled to go “wheels up” in twenty minutes.

“I’m not going to make my flight,” she said.

Thankfully, through a combination of luck and chutzpah she did–next-to-last on the plane.

My folks are here too. Their flight was delayed an hour, making me triply glad they decided on a non-stop.

After our bag came (an hour) we walked to the car rental lobby. Our company wasn’t there!

I asked one of the folks at Avis, who explained my company was off site and I’d have to take a van… but if we didn’t want to schlep he’d try and match their price.

That’s no small offer. Helaine is the consummate shopper. No bargain evades her. We were getting three days in a midsize for $57. That’s a lot off the rack rate.

By this time I’d found out his name was Tom. He asked Melissa behind the counter to do her best. She did. Not $57, but $60 and for a nice sized four-door Chrysler… and no van ride to-and-from.

Hey, Avis Milwaukee Airport: Tom and Melissa are hustling up business. This car would have sat un-rented for the weekend. They’re making money for you. Good employees are tough to find.

We have a pre-wedding dinner this evening. My niece Melissa already sent a text asking I bring “Clicky.” Photo arm twisting is never needed. My camera bag is stuffed with four lenses to be used.

The weekend is off to a very good start.

5 thoughts on “The Party Moves To Milwaukee”

  1. Have a wonderful time — our son is just north of the city, too and said they still have snow despite rain last week. And hats of to Helaine for being a great shopper!

    1. Most car rental agencies will jump at the chance to steal a customer away from a competitor. We once had a woman call saying she was in a car she’d gotten from a competitor and didn’t like it and they weren’t willing to help her. She asked if we could and of course we said YES!. Had to go pick her up at THEIR office. Should have seen the looks on THEIR faces when we showed up! LOL!

  2. Glad everything is OK with your trip so far.
    As for the car rental thing, I doubt the car would have been unrented. I work in that industry and know from experience if you hadn’t taken it they probably could have gotten someone else to drive it. That doesn’t mean the Avis agents weren’t hustling (to be COMPLETELY fair….to a competitor). Most rental agents do. Hope you took the extra insurance. It really IS worth it.
    Glad your folks made it OK. That’s important too. Travelling long distances when you’re old can be risky. (look what we have to look forward to).

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