I’m Giving You The Last Boarding Pass


We’re on our way to snowy Baltimore, routed from snowy Milwaukee to snowy Connecticut as if we were packages! In the Southwest tradition our plane is hopscotching from coast-to-coast–SEA-MKE-BWI-BUF.

Because Helaine knew we’d be busy today she bought ‘Earlybird Check-In’ for me. Seats on Southwest are first come, first served. Earlybird puts you closer to the front of the line.

We’ve done this before. I get on the plane, then save her a seat.

Because of traffic we got to the airport around 40 minutes before takeoff. Helaine went to check-in, but was told she wouldn’t get a boarding number. She was in the final 15!

I’d never heard about special treatment for the final 15 before. It couldn’t be good!

We went through security, then stood in line at the gate where an agent was already seeking volunteers to be bumped.

Helaine reached the front of the line, handed over her drivers license and was told, “I’m giving you the last boarding pass.”

That’s skin-of-the-teeth! On this 137 seat plane, Helaine was issued boarding pass C-37, the 137th.

deicing-at-MKEOur plane left the gate and taxied across the field. We were getting sprayed with deicer. Even in Milwaukee’s light snow, the potential for ice formation is taken seriously. This is the kind of delay you never should complain about.

Meanwhile, we’d brought Stef to the airport too. She’s got a few hours to wait until her non-stop to LAX departs.

This was actually my second round-trip to MKE today. I took my parents earlier this afternoon for their flight to Florida.

Melissa-and-her-GrandmaThe day started at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. They threw an informal brunch for the out-of-town guests, featuring one more appearance by Mark and Melissa, last night’s bride and groom.

Helaine and I won’t be home much before 1:00 AM. Our BWI-BDL flight has been delayed.

Flying is a great convenience, making this quick wedding trip do-able. It’s still a royal pain in-the-ass. Is anyone happily a road warrior anymore?

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