This Is What I Want At 80

Sunday, at Jessie and Evan’s wedding in Milwaukee, my folks took a turn on the dance floor. My dad is 80. My mom is younger – that’s all I’m authorized to say.

I don’t think they act their age. They’re active. They have fun. They dance. It’s not what I expected 80 would be.

This is not high quality video. It was captured on my cellphone, a particularly awful video recorder. Still, I wanted to show you what I want to be doing when I turn 80.

My folks are a great couple… even after 59 years together. They live a life worth aiming for.

4 thoughts on “This Is What I Want At 80”

  1. One of the reasons people fear data mining (by the government or private businesses) is because so often, the data is wrong – like the 1957 birthdate. Since I don’t know its actual source, I can’t correct it. An incorrect birthdate is not a major deal, but I worry other data on me has been similarly vetted.

  2. Geoff–LOVE your parents…Thanks for sharing…I hope my husband and I are dancing like that when we are “mature”… Evi

  3. Geoff–

    Data mining is likewise a concern for myself!

    My folks are readily identified (in their case, accurately) as being over 80 by zabasearch. That search also returns a correct address for them (as it does for my age/address and many neighbors).

    Enter a phone number into Google and it will return the associated street address.

    Those are a couple of the free options, for a **** intended person to find potential targets. For a modest $ search charge (I have never paid for any person search) — I take it that far more extensive “public info” is likewise available.

    I wonder how many college seniors were denied a job offer, as a result of a HR internet search of their public info, or after reviewing their posts to sites like MySpace.

    Still, I have found some other sites “interesting”. For instance is a site where one can find extensive real estate info on millions of US houses: Estimated sales value, detail specs on the house, sales pricing history, property taxes etc. Much of that info is obviously from “public records”

    Keep the interesting, daily posts coming; as you near the 1,000,000th “click”!!

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