What I Found Out About Google

I’m in the final days of prepping my new website business. Part of what I’m planning is the promotional aspect – advertising.I am going to use Google AdWords, among other devices, to get the word out.

So, today I started playing around, creating those little text ads you see all over the net. Twenty five characters for the title. Thirty five characters for the two additional lines. The web address gets another thirty five spaces on the bottom.

It’s automated – no surprise there.

It wouldn’t let me use the word ‘best.’ No substantiation, it said. If I said I was the best, I’d better prove it.

What about ad puffery? Everyone’s the best!

They also wouldn’t let me use “21st Century.” It’s someone’s trademark. Uh… isn’t it a pre-ordained century? How does one get to corner that market?

The site goes live early next week. I will reveal more then. If you’re not in TV, it’s not a big deal – honest.

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