4 thoughts on “The Audition Factory”

  1. Looks great, Like I would ever need it.;-) One comment, You might might add the ability to turn the audio up. In the sample for Kala Rama, her audio is very low. (At least on my system.) Other wise, best of luck to you both.

  2. geoff…

    the site looks great! it’s an awesome idea and has a niche!

    as far as advertising is concerned, you might want to post it on digg.com and I have linked to it on del.icio.us…i know atleast i use those to find other links by using tags.

    also possibly getting the word out on college campuses would be big as well, especially big time communication programs.

    one other thing as well…do you offer the user the ability to upload their video onto the site or do they have to send their tapes to you? u figure they must have a digital file of their tape that they could easily upload onto the site.

    good luck with it and im sure it will prosper!

  3. I’m not sure it’s Digg-worthy. Since it’s heavily PHP, it couldn’t take a Digg onslaught.

    I will try colleges.

    I only accept tape. One of the features we offer is my expertise to produce really good streaming video. That means I have to control the whole process.

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