Truth In Television

Steffie came home a while ago from a busy Saturday night. I was downstairs in the family room watching TV and invited her to join me.

“Whatever you want to watch,” I said.

C-Span was on at the time. Some guy was answering questions as Thomas Jefferson. I wanted to show I valued her company.

“Cops, Jerry Springer, The Hills. Your choice.”

It’s nice to have her around. Steffie’s killer this summer.

We watched some ‘fine’ MTV reality and Kathy Griffin’s “D List.” Steffie was biding her time. She wanted to watch “Finders Keepers” on Nickelodeon Games and Sports. It was a game show she watched in reruns when she was a little girl – produced when she was one year old!

It was a hoot because it was awful.

We watched for a few minutes and then, as two members of the Blue Team were looking for a cheese sandwich, it happened. A hand, which was supposed to be off camera, actually pointed the contestants to the cheese sandwich. We couldn’t believe our eyes!

Our DVR records all shows, even ‘live’ TV. I rewound. It was there, a hand, briefly, and a finger pointing to the sandwich.

Finders Keepers was fixed!

Steffie says she’s crushed. I am personally offering to find an attorney for the Red Team. They were jobbed. Can I ever look Sponge Bob in the eyes again?

3 thoughts on “Truth In Television”

  1. LOL That’s to funny… I used to watch Finders Keepers also and I have watched that and other shows on the GAS network for a trip down memory lane, and it is pretty bad now seeing what I used to watch… but I guess times were simpler back then. Although I am a huge Game Show nut, so if it was a game show and it was on tv, good or bad, I was most likely watching it. Double Dare anyone…?

  2. The Computer Game, The Game Show, The Cartoon or all 3? lol… It’s wierd to because I was just thinking of that the other day…

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